A6 PHY rates for 2 customers at 3-4km

Now that we are deploying A6 clients, I know people have been looking for real world performance data… Well, here are my first two 3-4km customers on the 3.1.2 release using 160Mhz channels in the licensed band.

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Are the CPE’s able to pull close to that number? Honestly, id be ok with half of it as long as it was extremely stable

2 Clients, the first one 7 KM, the second 5 KM 80 MHz Channel

3-4km test network

More customers on the 3-4km network now, reduced channel size to 80Mhz for grins.

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Are the customers in a noisy environment? rural area?

The channel is perfectly clean from a noise floor perspective, so ideal conditions.