A6 TX power 29 or only 24?

i have question for A6 product. This AP allow TX power 29 dB like here: Mimosa Networks or only 24 dB ? Because i cant set more than 24dB.

My second question is, if is possible buy bigger antena for C6x than 40 cm dish ?

Howdy. It is 24dBm. That page was missed during the data correction process it looks like. Thanks for pointing it out.

Mimosa has a 30dBi 600mm dish coming soon and there are vendors like ALGcom and Netpoint that already have larger antennas for C6x.

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Thanks for respond. Antenas maybe from EU ? You know who offer it ? I using A6 vs C6x for ± 17 km and i need better dish system :(. At this moment i have bad signal ( -79.3 ) and very very much interference. But on 80 MHz working very well - stable 600 Mbits :smiley: