A6 with 10 clients connected, issues with GUI

i have an A6 with 10 C6x clients connected with 80 Mhz, if i try to see wireless statistics or connected clients, gui throws me back to login screen, thus cannot see any wireless statistics, need better firmware improvements, and the other thing i realize the more clients connected performance decrease speedwise, for ex, 100 mbps speed client, starts with 100 mbps with speedtest then decrease to half, then jumps in various speeds, this is only with 10 clients, i dont know what will happen if i connect 50 clients or more, as A6 claims to support 200 clients, think its not possible at least with this firmware,thanks

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@ahmet I am pretty sure this is one of the known issues that is documented in 3.2.0 Beta 4. It’s annoying more than anything. Luckily, it’s not service impacting. If you haven’t done so already, maybe try clearing your cookies and/or try another browser. We have 5 subs connected and we can still get to that page.

Regarding your speed degradation issues, we haven’t seen that issue, feels maybe more like a noise issue of some kind. What firmware are you running?