Ability to Export from Design Tool

Am I missing the option to export the coverage created in the design tool on a PTMP network? If I’m not, are there any plans to add this capability as it would be most useful.

This will be out in the next release. It should be out very soon, but please don’t quote me on that!


I’d love to be a BETA tester if you need one. I have a couple of jobs that may depend on me being able to get coverage exported out of your tool so it can be viewed in Google Earth. Also do you have antenna pattern files for the N5-360 antenna?

Hi @Brandon3,

Hopefully a beta testing program for the NMS will be here soon. I’m also working on trying to get antenna files available for the N5-360!


Any luck on the antenna file? I use EDX so a format I can import into EDX would be great!

Hi @Brandon3,

I believe I have had some luck in getting N5-360 patterns available. Please send a PM to @David. He’s the man with the pattern!