About link Night time full down

My link is not stable
Mimosa c5c
Ubnt 30dbi dishes

Router/Switch connected to the Internet ----> Mimosa PoE ----> C5c/C5x (in PTP Access Point mode) ------> C5c/C5x (in PTP Station mode) -----> Mimosa PoE ----> Computer/Switch/Router
my configraction same as above but clouds are not working

Could you post the Main page of your AP and Station that will give us some info to help.

Also, what do you mean by night time? Where are you?
On another forum, I recall someone in the desert near a sea whose link (not Mimosa but still 5 GHz) failed almost every evening. It seemed to be caused by the cooling of the air, creating a duct that diverted the signal.

update it to the latest version if its already updated request help by anydesk for free.


You seem to have posted the picture in another Topic, but I will respond here.

Windows has a built in screen capture utility called “Snipping Tool” or “Snip and Sketch” depending on your Windows version. I would recommend using that in the future.

A few more questions and some general pointers.

First off, are you using a C5c or a C5x on each end of the link? What is the gain of your antenna for your radio on each side of the link? Have you modeled the link in Mimosa’s Design tool?

In general, I would recommend starting off by modeling the link in Mimosa’s Design tool. Compare the RX signal you have with what the Design tool says you should have. If you are more then 2-3 dB lower in signal strength then I would recommend realigning your link or looking for obstructions in your link that could be effecting you.

My next recommendation would be to drop you channel width, 80 MHz is really wide and unless you have a really quiet area of 5 GHz you are going to be fighting with noise constantly. If you need the bandwidth of 80 MHz I would recommend looking at antennas with better isolation and higher gain.