About Network Management

Mimosa believes that data accuracy, integrity and availability is a key cornerstone to developing the next generation of wireless networks. Our management system provides the data to enable you to effectively configure your network, for maximum spectrum efficiency, interference mitigation and capacity planning.

Who Am I and Where Did I come From?

Hi I’m Scott Wierstra. Welcome to our network design community channel! I am the Product Manager for the Mimosa Cloud, with my focus being on building our cloud platform to help you design, build and manage your wireless networks. I have been working for 17 years in enterprise software development and network management, and I am excited to have the opportunity to join these two areas together.

I joined Mimosa after signing up as a customer to a local WISP. After battling low quality internet for a premium price, I can see how WISP’s can disrupt the traditional cable market. I believe that Mimosa is the company with the best leadership and technology that will help you scale and build the wireless network of the future. We are here to offer you the best technology and support you need to meet the increasing capacity demands and manage spectrum so that you can give your end-customer the best possible experience.

Understanding your needs and wishes are important for the development of Mimosa. As key components of the future of internet, your feedback and ideas will help me build the right software solution to manage your networks and customers.

What is our Network Management System?

We want to introduce big data intelligence, cloud based spectrum analysis to network management - so you can focus on your network quality and subscriber experience.
The cloud + big data = a greater level of insight into your network than ever before possible. Mimosa Cloud Services gives you one stop management, monitoring and sophisticated analytics for Mimosa devices, and coming soon, monitoring of third-party wireless and networking equipment.

Current Major Features:

  1. Automatic Device Discovery after Device Unlock if you enable cloud connect.
  2. Detailed Device Statistics and Analytics
  3. Share your network with your entire team
  4. Quick and Easy Firmware updates
  5. Historical and Current Spectrum Management.

Upcoming New Features:

  1. Upgrade Device Analytics
  2. 1 Week for Free Data
  3. A5 and C5 Monitoring
  4. Comprehensive Events Management
  5. Customer Analytics Reports
  6. 3rd Party Monitoring

How can you participate?

This is your community, you can use this space to share your feedback, ask for advice. Help other community members with their networks and device tuning, help us work on new features, improve existing features and anything else you can think of!

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