About The Cloud Manegement

Hi everybody,
How does the mimosa B5 connects to Cloud?
Does it connects via an IP or a domain?

We have 100 mimosa and 200 Ubnt. And they all have Local IP’s. We can’t make antennas reach internet.
We tried proxy setting with mikrotik routerboard. Proxy works by the connect-all.mimosacloud.co. But we cant reach the web site, (also with 443,8080 or https) How can ew manage it? Is there an static IP for that domain?

Hi Ibrahim,

The connect-all.mimosacloud.co domain name does not respond to ICMP requests. If your radios do not connect, the troubleshooting steps are listed here: http://cloud.help.mimosa.co/manage-troubleshooting-guide-cant-see-device-in-cloud

If this doesn’t work for you, please send the Support Logs (.tar files) to Support.