Absurdly long reboot times

Is there anything that can be done about the extremely long reboot times for Mimosa gear? Can boot time be optimized?

I find most of the time the boot time takes less then the 2 minute countdown. normally ~80-100 seconds depending on if it is a C5 or C5c. A5s are even quicker. How long are your reboot times?

This is correct. I have found that most radios start pinging and are accessible when you have 20+ seconds left on the countdown timer.

What do you consider a nominal boot time/reboot time to be?

We have the same issue, booting the Mimosa devices takes too long. For us everything < 40 seconds would be great (Moxa Wireless Components need 30 seconds until the connection is established)

Hi @Christian4,

Thank you for the feedback!