Adding A5x to existing A5c-omni tower - how to migrate clinets


i have old A5c-omni tower and it is not doing well (just very slow). I want to add A5x (60deg) for some of A5c clients.

How do I migrate clients? 2.5 client will not connect to 2.9 new A5x sector and if I do A5x upgrade first it will not connect to A5c…

Will they connect to each other in interop mode? Do I need to setup both A5c and A5x on same SSID for the time of upgrading firmware?

So it is connecting in interop

Interop mode should work, FYI Mimosa warns about issues, but I have had a few occasions where my techs used the wrong firmware and stuff connected. (Note: we never left it running for very long that way, just a couple minutes and we did an immediate update)

What we have been doing is visiting the customer’s house and realigning their antennas then doing the update. That has worked out pretty well for us.

To do an upgrade like this, you can use Wifi interop mode on the A5x for the clients to connect. Upgrade each client and then you’ll be good to go.

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