After sitting idle: Login - RPC Error

Hi, I upgraded 4 A5c’s to the new 2.4.0 firmware the day it was released. Two of them haven’t been used and just sitting on the tower powered up (must be 2 weeks now). I went to log into them today ready to hook a customer up and am getting the following error after entering the password “Login - RPC Error”.

I’m not sure if this is a new firmware issue, or a issue with Mimosa in general.

Has anyone else had this before? It will be frustrating if freq reboots are required when customers are connected.

That is a known issue in 2.4.0. I have the firmware running on an A5-18 and A5c and have not run into it, so I’m not sure how common it is. Resolution is to power cycle the A5. Service is not affected while the A5 is in that state, but the power cycle will obviously drop customers for a minute or two.

Hi Bennet,

Thanks. Hopefully it’s fixed soon. I’ve only hit to twice now. As i’m manually setting the data vlan as CPE’s are connected I need to login each time. Currently averaging 5 per day at the moment so heres hoping I don’t have to reboot to often :slight_smile:

Just ran into this myself on my A5-14 AP. How do you know it is a known issue? Do we need to wait for 2.4.1 to get it fixed?

RPC errors have been documented in the know issues section of the A5 release notes:
It has also been brought up in some facebook groups. If you ever have any questions feel free to live chat Mimosa support.

Mimosa claims this is fixed in the beta firmware, release notes are found under the A5 firmware page.

Just ran into this issue on 3 A5c all running the 2.4.0

Same problem here. I have 2 x A5C running 2.4.0 and one has failed in this manner twice in two weeks, the other has been running for a month with no problem. Configs are almost identical

Yeah i’m not sure on the trigger. I have 7 A5c’s with that firmware version now and sometimes it happens to ones with 1 or 2 people connected, other times its the one with 18 connected.

At least they are onto it and it’s being fixed. It’s annoying but could be worse :slight_smile:

Release notes say it will happen if you do not log into the radio for 5 days.

There is a Beta version out to fix this.

There is patch build which contains a fix for the Login RPC error condition which available to all Mimosa users via there Mimosa login.