Airfiber 5x vs Mimosa b5c

Airfiber 5x vs Mimosa b5c which is better?

Nobody to answer!!! I am trying to buy Mimosa but at first have to ensure that my existing Airfiber 5x is best or Mimosa would be the best!

Our experience:

  • Mimosa transports way more data, if the channel is clean. It will fail badly if the link is in a crowded spectrum.

  • AF5x will handle interference lot better, actually lot better than most of the radios out there.



Should be clear about these devices and author also need come here and compare so that we can understand.

Watch this:


b5c es muy superior , usando la antena correcta , duplica fácilmente el rendimiento sin problemas.
si el problema es interferencia ,c5c puede ir a 6400 , dependiendo las regulaciones de tu país , también supera af5x por 1/3 del costo .