Amps required for A5

We are about to put some A5’s up on an FM tower. We have issues with getting 1 gig Ethernet links up this tower due to the FM interference. What we are looking at doing for this is to put up a Mikrotik PowerBox Pro up with the A5s and power them with that so the cable runs will be very short. The max amp output per port is 450ma. Will this be enough for an A5?

According to our netonix, the power draw of a5c’s/a5’s is between 11 and 18 watts. 450ma at 48v is about 20watts so you should be good. These are not loaded with clients though so power usage might go up if your at max clients.

The A5 consumes 25 watts, so at 48 volts, it would draw 521 MA.