Antenna Polarity B5c

Apparently we may have reversed the cable connections on one end of our antennas giving us the opposite polarity at each end of a link.

The link is running with less than expected performance so we wish to correct this problem.

We have easier to one side (water tower) than the other (mountain top no road access until the snow melts).

My question is, how important is it that the antenna matches the radio connections (i.e. H-H and V-V) vs the two ends of the link be wired the same?

I would also suggest a feature request that the polarity of each connector be software selectable so that if/when we screw up next time we don’t have to physically change the wires!

Hi Greg,

All that matters is that both radio and antenna pairs are wired in the same way (ideally, H-H and V-V). Otherwise, TPC attempts to correct the wrong polarizations on each side. If one side is reversed from what it should be, you can resolve the problem by making adjustments to one side - which ever is more convenient.

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