Any A5C Reviews?

I have yet to use any Orange products (I know, shame on me), but am very interested in this A5C unit. With KP Performance’s 4x4 & 8x8 antenna solutions, this seems like a very solid solution. Is anyone that has tested the A5C interested in sharing your experience? Most of our clients are in the 2-6 mile range, so any insight would be helpful!

We put up an A5c a couple weeks ago with a single C5 client out at 1mile. He’s getting around 350Mbps down and 450Mbps up. The stability has been good. I haven’t dug into any of the rate limiting or application fairness features, yet. Hope to hang a few more clients up over the next 30 days if nothing weird happens with our tester.

I’m surprised a single station at 1 mile isn’t getting more than 350Mbps down on a 80Mhz channel. I would expect ~500Mbps or so at that distance with that configuration. Which sector are you using, the KP solution?

Hi there! Testing A5c+KPP at 3,5 miles with 1 C5 we get roughly 100 mbps down and 30 mbps up, at high interference level at the 80 MHz channel. UBNT-M5 at 40 MHz with UBNT sender: max. 10+2 mbps.

Thanks for the info Stephan. This bums me out. I realize it’s in a high noise environment, but 1.25Bps/Hz isn’t awesome. Better than the M5 you tested, but still much less than I expected. What signal did you see at 3.5 miles, and what modulation? CINR/SINR?

Hi @TonyP. As we are in testing environment, I get -59 dB and Mod 4/3, I think remembering! IMHO it’s not so bad…going on testing. CU

Well @Stephan - When you get more data, please post up. I’m heading to Vegas tomorrow and will be speaking with others who use the A5 line. The A5C is the most appealing for obvious reasons, so I appreciate you taking the time and responding!

It’s extremely clean looking on the RF, but for some reason, I can’t hit above an MCS 7 on the downlink. Maybe the positioning of the C5 on the roof is causing some multipath issues.

Any more interesting review in crowded spectrum with more real 20 Mhz spacing?

Anyone share firstly spectrum images, chosen channel, finally performance in 20 Mhz?

80 Mhz it’s really not a serious choose in a city environment with many many competitors in field.

I have a community of ~200 clients I could really use a few of these A5C units but without knowing how they’re really going to perform in the real world, there’s no way I’m dumping the money and time into even jacking with these things. Rory (Triad) has great things to say about the A5-14/18 but this is a whole new beast with a directional antenna.

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We bought one and installed it a couple weeks ago, Up to 6 customers within 3/4 of a mile from the AP, We generally have really nasty spectrum around here “3 wisps” but managed to get a nice 80mhz block due to landmass blocking city center. We are absolutely Loving the gear. All the customers we have moved over are very happy with the service.

Worst customer on the AP “shooting through some mild brush as a test” has latency of 5-10ms leaning towards the 5ms side. Sitting at -74 RSSI and EVM of -17. “It’s the bottom radio”

We are actually limited by our backhauls on this one but iPerf tests pulling 80Mbps were only utilizing the AP 20%

Pic of the Spectrum page. It is live and Epic

Michael, 3.5 miles is too far for a C5. Use a C5c

My customer is less than 1 mile. I’ve never tried any Mimosa PTMP farther than that.

Sorry, wrong person. The C5 is very touchy to being tilted properly in all directions, hence mimosa’s invention of the fleximount and the special j-pole

When you tell “High interference level”, how many do you refer to ?