Anyone seen lightning issues with B5 Lite?

We had a pretty rowdy lightning storm pass through last night - lots of close strikes, power outages, etc. Our network is all on battery and installs are well grounded. We use B5 Lites for many of our backhauls to mini-pops (on residential homes). During the storm, 3 of the backhaul client radios went down at about the same time - likely during a close lightning hit. But, geographically, they are a mile or so apart.

Two of them simply rebooted, one went dumb and stopped responding until our switch could not ping it and cycled power. They all eventually came back online.

Cables are all well shielded and in two of the installs, less than 2’ long. Everything is grounded to earth. The switch and client APs never took a hit.

Curious if those of you that install in lightning prone areas have seen similar issues with B5 Lites during electrical activity? Part of me is not surprised due to the lightning but then the other part of me says “why did the APs and switches have no issues but the B5 Lites did”?

Happened here exactly as described. It was related to improper grounding methods. We corrected that and It seems to be solved now.

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