Anyone share experience of high noise urban A5/C5?

Hi community,

Does anyone have any experience they can share of performance in a high noise urban / metro environment using A5c/C5 combo?

My environment is urban / metro and unsurprisingly, I don’t have any clean contiguous 80mhz bands, but I understand one of the Mimosa selling points is the ability to work “above the noise”. My noise is around -75 and I could potentially get 20-25db SNR at short distance. I’m interested if anyone has a similar environment to share experience of stability and performance.


This is a great discussion. There are two ways to battle this, ether keep the customers very close, make your channels more narrow, or use A5c’s with RF Element antennas. The last option gets into budget and you have to spend some time identifying direction and source of interference.

Hi Rory. Yes, that would be the approach I would expect with any vendors gear, but I’m curious what makes Mimosa special in this environment. The urban micropop model one of their big selling points, and their equipment is 2x+ the price of competitors, so I want to understand if their price equals an improvement versus other products.

The major differentiator with Mimosa is this Quantenna chip. But without any way to quantify its performance in a noisy urban environment, I was curious as to what people are seeing in the field.


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The key here is s/n ratio. We did some testing in one of my articles and the C5c handled noise better than the Prism. That was a quick test but it was enough information for use to continue migrating a 600 user network over to Mimosa from 802.11n Ubiquiti, which is in a relatively high noise area. Not insane noise like some of the graphs I’ve seen overseas but enough to force us to SRS out of WiFi interop mode. So far we are up to about 80 Mimosa radios and either installing or converting them at about 1-2 per day.

Most of our issues were resolved with the C5c coming out and DFS. Now we add external antennas to fix the higher noise or lower signal levels. If the noise is really bad or we need more range, A5c with horn or sector antennas.

Aca tenes un entorno ruidoso. El AP llega a mover en horario pico 140 mb con 10 clientes C5.

El maximo desempeño que logra el cpe es de 50 mb.

En 40 Mhz parece que mas de 140 mb le cuesta mucho en este entorno ruidoso.