Anyone Using or Thinking about Alternative Antennas?

I just found the MTI 60 and 90 on Streakwave that are 4x4 and take N type connectors. We have been wanting a wider sector then the 60 degrees out of the KPI Performance. The new MTI 90 looks cool, but it’s patterns look wacky as all get out and I am afraid if we put it up we will find ourselves with random dead spots.

Another 90 degree antenna I found itelite SEC-XL5018DPx2 (Warning Streakwave has the wrong data sheet)
The antenna is designed for Ubiquiti and Cambium radios, but has N-type connectors so it should work with an A5. Its patterns look a bit more reasonable to deal with.


Thoughts or suggestions?

SEC-XL5018DPx2 looks interesting indeed. The back-radiation should be negated by GPS sync. Did you manage to get any further info?

We have been rolling the various antennas around, but in the interim we have had a few opportunities for new poles/towers pop up that solve some of the issues we were trying to deal with by going to wider sectors.

The issue for us is that we are trying to cover 90 square miles that has ~80 customers pretty evenly spread out. Adding two more sectors is cost prohibitive, but we have lots of people who are stuck in the dead spots that the KPI Performance 60 antennas leave us with.

Another issue we have found is that the Air Fibers we have been using are at a 45 degree slant, I never thought to double check the guy who had picked them out for us and they worked alright. But one of our installers could not get a better signal then a bunch of C5s surrounding him so I took a look and found that we were shooting ourselves in the foot with the slanted antennas, 3-7 dB lost on an antenna that is only 3 dB better then the regular C5… I was pretty pissed when I had to bring a bunch of spec sheets to my boss to explain the issue. As an alternative we ordered 4 of these last week to give them a try (We need a dish that is under $130 and comes with a radome, not many out there and going over budget makes for a $300 antenna on customer premise, that is almost our cost for a new Ubiquiti Sector!)

Somewhere I remember recommending the AirFibers to someone, will have to go back and recant…

here are the complete polarity charts for the SEC-SC5018DPx2 from the engineers:
Nice enough guys, their sales team hooked me up with a line to their engineers pretty quick and it sounded like they would be willing to whip up other charts for me if I asked.

William5, which frequencies do you need to cover with the external antennas ?

5.2 through 5.85 would be nice, I think everyone wants more then is actually possible. So, I would be happy with the Non-USA DFS frequencies (5.2-5.35 and 5.75-5.85, not the actual numbers but rounded by my memory)

I bet the community would appreciate the 4.9 frequencies. But I don’t have any of those permissions so I don’t care all that much…