AP & CPE don't report to Mimosa Cloud

Hi guys,
APs running 2.5.4 have enable mimosa cloud but not connected.

CPEs running 2.5.4 firmware does not allow to enable Mimosa cloud, option is gray out.

Even though both of them can ping out to internet, and we only have one account to make them active.

Hi @Cody1,

Is this happening to all of your Mimosa devices or just a single AP? If its a single AP, one of the most common methods or restoring connectivity is by turning off the Cloud connection, saving changes, then re-enabling it.

If its more than just this AP and its associated clients, you might have something on your Firewall preventing them from connecting to the cloud.

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This manual page might also be of help:

By fallowing your steps Dustin, AP’s and CPE’s restored their connection to cloud, thanks you both.

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