API for pulling radio Stats

We are deploying a variety of Radio in our network and We have been liking the C5 mixed the the A5.
What I am looking for is a better solution to integrate billing/customer base. We would be using this to pull Stats for trouble shooting purposes. If anyone has input it would be much appreciated.

So if there is a API or if we can use SNMP?

I would check out Wispmon, We are integrating it into our network and currently use if for our billing and customer portal. The portal allows snmp monitoring so your customers can see their utilization in there portal. Bob and Georgette are great as well.

It is also very reasonable on price. So far we are happy with it.

So Wispmon can integrate with Mimosa’s cloud and include current signal strength, et al, into their client record? That’s nice integration if it’s the case.

We’ve been using Zoho Subscriptions for recurring billing but it’s isolated.

It pulls normal SNMP data from the devices so no it does not integrate into the Mimosa Cloud. I don’t even know is mimosa cloud has an API to do that. Wispmon does a very good job with pulling SNMP data. You just give it a OID you want it to monitor and your all set.