Are you happy with Mimosa Radios on UBNT dishes?

We have installed B5c radios on 12 UBNT dishes. I cannot set a single link to reflect the advertised db of the UBNT dish and get anything close to the target calculated by the Mimosa radio.

We spent all day today realigning, Before today I was of the mindset that the guys were not aligning the dishes properly. I know the links posted here can get no better. So has any one else had this issue with UBNT dishes, we are ready to try another brand dish!

.75 Mile with 30db UBNT & RF-Armor - Times Microwave LMR-195 jumpers


Bayou L’Ourse to Franklin Water Tower
27 Mile with 34db UBNT & RF-Armor - Times Microwave LMR-195 jumpers
This link will not Connect if dish gain is set to 34db

Hi Sam, We’ve seen many similar issues with LMR-195 and RG-58 jumpers. You might try LMR-400 or equivalent instead.

We use LMR-240 as a compromise between 195 and 400 for runs less than 10’. Also, although the Ubiquiti antennas are working well, we have moved to the Jiruous deep dishes, better H/V isolation and not much more expensive.

UBNT usually overstate the antenna gain in 2 dB at least. The jumpers also can take another 2/3 dB is too long or with any malfunction. I would definitely recommend LMR400. Here in Brazil we have a good local manufactured antenna and jumpers and I could match the signal with the prediction for most of the links.

We have had no problems with the UBNT dishes. We have RF Armor on them.
You do have EIRP limitations on the UNII-1 channels.

Wish my spectrum looked THAT good!

I just got a partial shipment of LMR-400 jumpers from L-Com Friday. We will start swapping them out some time this week.


What size jirous dishes are you using are they matching up with the data from the link calculator?
Where are you getting them from?

I only see the 11Ghz stuff on streakwave and the only place i can find the JRC-35 is across the pond.


I am assuming you are asking about goverment limitations, if so outdoor maximum fixed power 1 watt, maximum fixed EIRP 4 watts (+36 dBm) point-to-multipoint. 200 watts (+53 dBm) point-to-point. However, strict out-of-band emission rules limit practical point-to-point power to lower levels. Refrence

Luckly we shoot over a lot of marsh land. Most of our troubles is being sure we don’t step on our own toes.

I have a several of our towers that still have 40db 2.1Ghz Andrew dishes we never took down when Verizon bullied the FCC to sell them the 2.1. I have been toying with the idea of building or retrofitting a dual pole feed horn for them.

Andrews will sell you a new feedhorn for the dish, so you can set it up on either 2 ghz or 5 ghz use?

Anyone use an Airfiber dish?

Hi Keefe,

I use AirFiber 34dB dish’s with excelent performance at 63km @ -60dB (with 2 B5c), great!!!

Regards from Monterrey Mexico,

What sort of cable did you use to connect the B5c to the Airfiber dish?


That cable wouldn’t work. The airfiber dishes already have RP-SMA male pigtails. You’d need an RP-SMA female to N-Male cable.

We are using the 1’ and 2’ Jirous dishes. They seem to work pretty well. We have also used the Ubiquiti 3’ dishes successfully with RF Armor on them. I was a little concerned about the 5.1Ghz performance on the Jirous but I can’t tell much of a difference down there in terms of total gain. I’ve asked them for more data on that but no response yet. On top of the, all my 1’ dish orders just got canceled and I’m not sure why.


What throughput are you getting from that link?

What connector are you using to connect the airfiber dishes with the mimosa B5c?

Saludos desde Mexico! xD
Actually i´ve 3 links with Mimosa B5C and UBNT dishes (34 dbm), the results are excelents in signal gain, to make the conexion i use EPCOM RG-142/U cable, very low loss.
Link 1.- 15 mi, 600 mbps/MAC
Link 2.- 5.7 mi, 546 mbps/MAC , very very very noise ambient
Link 3.- 8.5 mi, 546 mbps/MAC