Associated clients (C5) become 'deaf'

Since a couple of weeks (after last upgrade) we found that several times (random) several C5 client units from A5’s are associated (often after a power cut in the grid) but are unable to communicate with the network or A5.
In the client list they only show their mac addres but not name info etc. Clients report ‘they have no internet’.
Only way to solve is to reboot the A5 (which then takes some 10 minutes to have all clients back associated) which interrupts traffic for all associate clients.

This happens now on an almost daily base. We are in contact with the helpdesk and they even have access to one of the A5’s but after some weeks not a lot of progress is made…

I was wondering if there where more people with the same issue.

What firmware version is the A5 and C5s on? We had a similar issue with this happening on a pretty regular basis on firmware 2.5.2 . Mimosa recommended we downgrade to 2.5.1 for APs and CPEs. This issue was noted specifically in the log with this entry: [Boot_Reboot] Reboot reason: Reboot by a SW User Process - Software Watchdog: Initiated reboot because of traffic stop. Do you see that in your logs at all?

They all run on 2.5.2 and yes, I told them it’s probably the latest firmware that introduced it.
I can go back but am really not tempted to manually reboot some 150 units one by one by hand (cloud up/down grade is a nightmare. Only 40% of units do the change, some just refuse.)

It only seems to happen though when we have rain and the adjacent occasional power cuts. In prolonged spell of drought all units stay working normally. But one shower and bang, several units dissociate and connect but without data transport.

I spoke with the helpdesk and gave them 2 weeks of access to one of my most troubled tower and since they are ‘silent’…

I am getting more and more disappointed by Mimosa. From one of their first users her in Europe that embraced their system I am more and more thinking of ditching them at all…

Too many failures both hardware as software. And way too expensive for their capacity…

Hi Rudy, definitely look at the logs. Where we had this issue, that log entry was apparent. Once we downgraded, that log entry doesn’t reappear and we haven’t had the issue. It was quite a problem before downgrading, it would reboot several times a day some days. But as far as we know, since the firmware downgrade, we haven’t had a re-occurence of the issue. If you don’t see that specific line in the log file, you aren’t chasing the same issue we had, it must be something else. Regards,