Auto Everthing suggestions not available

When I install a new link I typically turn on AutoEverything (AE) and let it do its thing to give me a ballpark freq and channel width to work with. I will then manually go in and use the graph to pick the best parameters to use based on the AE findings. I will then pick from the list of suggested frequencies and power settings to statically define the setting of the link based on AE suggestions in combination with my findings. However when I turn off AE and try to enter the settings given - for example: Freq 5720, Power 21 I am unable to choose the suggested power values. Instead of finding “21” as suggested the highest value listed is 14 and I’m presented with a number of small numbers with a positive or negative value (-1, -2. 1, 2) instead. Why is this and how do I translate the values to the desired power setting I need?

Hi @Jack3,

A couple things:

Could you post screenshots of what you’re seeing?
Could you try another browser to make sure it’s not some weird caching thing?

5720Mhz is in the DFS portion of the band and output is limited to 24dbm EIRP. Go up 10 Mhz to 5730Mhz and power is imited to 30dbm. Could the radio be telling you what the maximum output power is?

That was not the actual frequency just a number for an example - I didn’t have access to the system when I entered the message. The key point is the power values suggested by AE were valid for the suggested frequency but the Gui did not let me chose the power values presented. I will post a screenshot later when I am able to connect to the device.

Might the antenna gain be changed when you switch from AutoEverything to manual? I have not had that happen to myself, but I bet on that being either the issue or AutoEverything is not accounting properly for the antenna gain.