Auto-Everything Enhancements

Can we get (perhaps through a selectable “advanced” mode) some more verbosity from auto-everything? Surely behind the scenes there’s a scoring matrix of some sort. Can we have that displayed for the top five or ten options including the current selection? Also, over what period of time that decision was based upon. When facing difficult situations, the additional information could be useful.

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The Auto Everything next best channel list is shown on the Channel & Power page under the heading, “Channel Recommendations”:

It makes changes in the range of 2-12 minutes depending on PER severity and other factors. More info about how it works can be found here:

I knew the first link, but I got some information from the second.

I’m still looking for the radio to give me more information. I want both more alternatives and more verbosity about what’s going on.

Let’s explore how best to do that to meet your needs. It would be helpful to know what parameters you’re looking to see and how often. Auto Everything uses PER and Spectrum data mainly, and those update to the GUI as fast as we can today without sacrificing radio performance in other areas. Please PM me some more details about your use case and we’ll see what options are available.