Autoeverything seamless?

Tried autoeverything again with the new 1.3.0 version. Channel selection seems to work properly now. Pinging across the link I see 1 packet loss while one of the 2 40MHz channels was switched automatically. Is this expected behavior?

No problem on this backup link I test the new version on. But I’ve customers with citrix calling after each packet loss as their sessions drop very fast.

The new AutoTDMA-Mode is great. Low latency and better adaption to async traffic.

Hi Stefan,

That’s great news that Auto Everything is working well for you. We notice that it quickly moves away from heavy interference, but it is slower to move to better channels and channel widths if the link is otherwise stable.

Channel and bandwidth changes, whether Auto or Manual, are subject to traffic forwarding delays and some packets may be dropped depending on your regulatory domain requirements for channel changes (e.g. CAC timeout periods), the temporary reduction in capacity while switching one of two channels, and the traffic on the link at the time.

Glad you like the Auto TDMA mode. We’re seeing big improvements in TCP traffic handling because of that feature.

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