B-11 license cost?

Perhaps I don’t know where to search but I am coming up with blanks when looking for an idea on license costs with the FCC for 11 Ghz. We are getting full on our 5 Ghz links and are looking at B-11’s for some PtP but I need to get an idea of total costs for these links.

So the quick answer is plan for roughly $6k for a link, which includes a small-mid size antenna, the FCC site fee, and the Link Coordination process. We have a pretty aggressive rate when you use our tool to submit for coordination and handle the process

Can definitely vary a little bit up or down depending on your antenna choice, and also if it is a site where you’ve already coordinated a link on, those fees can go down on future links sharing the same sites (another nice advantage to the Mimosa B11 using TDMA GPS Sync to share channels).

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