B11 1.5.0 Release Notes

Note: You can find the release notes here: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/b11-backhaul-firmware-release-notes

Firmware Version 1.5.0
April 17, 2018

Firmware images are product and mode specific. Confirm firmware image matches the product before upgrading. Upgrade the far side first, regardless of AP or Station setting.

Supported Upgrade Paths
B11 can be upgraded from any release before 1.5.0 to 1.5.0.

Regulatory Updates

  1. Update regulations for Oman for B11.
  2. Enabled licensed mode operation for Barbados.
  3. Added 10 -10.7 GHz support for B11 in US and US Licensed mode. B11 requires a reboot to move between lower sub-band (10 – 10.7 GHz) and upper sub-band (10.7 – 11.7 GHz).
  4. Updated channel plan and EIRP for Indonesia.

Resolved Issues

  1. Fixed KRACK vulnerability (i.e., WPA-2 vulnerability related to key replay).
  2. Feature gives the ability to disable/enable firewall through UI. The firewall rules protect the device from DoS attacks.
  3. Improved SNMP stability and responsiveness.
  4. Corrected value of SNMP variable for antenna gain mimosaAntennaGain on B5/B5c running in Station mode.
  5. Fixed an issue with NTP information missing while doing snmpwalk on mimosaService MIB.
  6. Updated security vulnerability patches for DNS and DHCP servers running on device.
  7. Change security protocol for devices connecting to Mimosa Cloud from SSLv3 to TLSv1.2.
  8. Stability improvements for crashes and platform performance.
  9. Cloud connectivity improvements.
  10. Improved fiber port stability on B11.

Radio (PHY and MAC)

  1. Improved B11 link reliability for scenarios where beacons are missed due to interference.
  2. Improved the responsiveness of aiming mode.
  3. Fixed an issue where Channel/Power changes on AP caused “Error unable to load data" on device UI.
  4. Fix a condition where combined spectrum looks incorrect.
  5. Improved performance for B11 links, including across temperature.
  6. Fixed an issue where target level and transmit power are shown incorrect on the B11 Station’s UI.

Known Issue
If both the backhaul radios are attached to Cisco 3550 or 3750 switches and the Dynamic Trunking Protocol on the switches is turned on, connectivity to device’s management IP may fail. The workaround is to turn off the Dynamic Trunking Protocol on the trunk port.