B11 100km link?

Can someone form Mimosa please list what dishes are used to make a 100km link as the link planner says the SNR would be 20.68 on a 31km link with the 41db Jirous.


Need to know this also.

The 1200 mm (41 dBi) dish is the largest one available so far, although I understand other options are forthcoming. Stay tuned for that. US 11 GHz licenses have spectral efficiency requirements that do not allow for planned operation at low modulation, so we understand the need for higher gain options at longer distances.

Chris i am not trying to be a stickler here but if the 41 is the largest you have how did you come up with the 100km that is advertised?

Allowable EIRP for 11 GHz in the US is 85 dBm (or 55 dBW). Applying a higher gain dish that supports that results in a 100km link with 30 dB or more of SNR. The math is sound from a link budget and regulations perspective.

Mimosa doesn’t manufacture antennas, but we do work with manufacturers to bring compatible options to market. As I said, some of these are forthcoming, and we are waiting for the manufacturers to announce their offerings.


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So what I am reading in you post is the radio is designed for it performance wise but until the Radio Waves products hit market it is not possible. That is cool no harm no foul, We are just attempting to make some network plans and I wanted to know. It would be nice to know that we needed say a 6ft dish to make a nominal distance of X. Knowing that I could start planing wind loads on my current towers. I will just have to sit down and run the math on it. Give a man a fish or Teach him to fish, right?