B11 10Ghz band unlicensed

Hi ,

We bought one pair of B11 for use in 10Ghz. In Spain we have avaible 10.3 to 10.6 for unlicensed TV PtP.

Could any one tell me wich country allo to use 10 to 10.7 channels?


That is a good question @Francisco3. Does anyone have experience in running the B11 outside of the US and Mexico? I heard of some guys setting some links up in Spain a couple years ago, but nothing about the regulation side of things. I guess the unlocking process would have something to do with it (where Mimosa associates your account with the particular products) but I did not setup our B11 link, so someone from @Mimosa will probably have to enlighten us.

For most countries there are two options for unlock countries, either the country itself or that country licensed. For example, for the case of a device operating in Spain, the options are Spain or Spain Licensed.

If there is need to operate a B11 in Spain on a frequency between 10.0 and 10.7, and unlocking under either Spain or Spain Unlicensed does not allow one to switch the the 10.0 to 10.7 band( on the Channel & Power page)—please contact us on our live chat line at http://support.mimosa.co and provide documentation of the regulations that allow operation on the frequenices you wish to operate on.