B11 access problem

We have PTP link (B11) Firmware (1.5.2-beta-1) in both units the link working fine and traffic has excellent flowing, but the issue is coming in the access management when there is traffic on the link we can’t access to any unit.

That’s a pretty old firmware, I would go to the GA of 1.5.2 at least there are a lot of stability issues and IU fixes in it that might be what is effecting you.

dear William
thank you for advice , I upload new firmware 1.5.4 but the issue was not solved completely,ping and access to the two-unit are not stable .

Have you checked your ethernet stats?

What are the B11s connected to? I once had a somewhat similar issue with my B11’s and there was an Ethernet interface that was throwing FCS errors constantly.

yes, I check it, and it’s working fine.
both units connected with cisco switch (2960&3750), management work when throughput less than 50Mbps. but if we increase traffic up than 50Mbps management access being unstable.

This is a known issue:

If both the backhaul radios are attached to Cisco 3550 or 3750 switches and the Dynamic Trunking Protocol on the switches is turned on, connectivity to the device’s management IP may fail. The workaround is to turn off the Dynamic Trunking Protocol on the trunk port.

thank you for your support, I will try to stop it or insert routers between them, and sharing the result.