B11 antenna selection

Setting up a B11 link with clear LOS and zero interference in a rural section of coast, with distance of ~8.5mi/14km. A portion of the path will be over water and it is in an area with lots of rain, but limited severe downpours…more of a constant misty drizzle for 5 months.

I am choosing between the Jirous 680 and 900mm dishes and am looking to limit cost but do not want system performance issues. The design tool indicates a solid connection with either, but I am looking for real world experience.

Thank you in advance!

For that much distance I would go with the 900MM dishes, we had a similar distance link here in the plains of Colorado and the 900 dishes worked very well for us.

Thank you for the response! I actually had to make a call and went with the 680 for cost reasons…I hope they work out ok…

It looks like the design values for the path estimate -40.5dB for the receiving levels…hopefully this is sufficient for shooting through some drizzly rain.

TBH, unless you are in a noisy area you should still have a pretty decent SNR even in the rain.

I feel like someone would make bank offering small loans to WISPs to upgrade their equipment/go with the slightly better equipment…

There is no one else around and no other traffic across the path, so hopefully should be good - thanks again for your insights!