B11 bandwidth in FD mode?

Hi all.

Has anyone got a B11 up in FD mode?

What bandwidth is being seen in FD mode with say 2x40 making 1x80 FD mode?

What speeds would be expected?


You’re looking at about 650-680 Mbps of useful aggregate IP throughput at good signal modulation.

I now have this link up and at 1x40 FD It’s giving MAC 240/80 with 75% set. Is this to be expected?

We have MSC 9 in both directions and about 37+ SNR and PHY showing 400/400

Actual throughput seems pretty low? I was really expectng more with the hype around these radios.

I am using the B5 radios and 1X40 will also give me PHY 400/400 and MAC 240/240. If you have the option under “LINK - TDMA configuration” to select AUTO in “Traffic Split”, then you will get MAC 240/240.
Using 1X40 channel will give you less than 25% of the radio capacity. The capacity is 1Gb+ at 2X80 and MSC 8-9.

PHY 400/400 is correct at 1X40. MAC will be 240/240 if traffic split is set to AUTO.

So your saying setting it to auto would mean the 240 could be used each way but not at the same time?

With the current 75% giving 240 down and 80 up isn’t this able to be used at the same time? Setting it to Auto wouldn’t give me anymore download?

I have UBNT airfibre 5/5x experience just not up to speed with the Mimosa yet.

Setting it to AUTO would not give you any more down but it would be able to give you more up since it will dynamically change traffic split based on need. Your total capacity would not change.

Here is what I achieve with 2 X 80 and split AUTO. TX MSC=8 and RX MSC=9

With my current split 240/80 doesn’t that mean I can use 240 down and 80 up at the same time?

With an UBNT AF5X on 30mhz I get 180 down and 45 up on the same path and I have seen/tested I can use 180 down and 45 up at the same time.

Can the B11 not do this with the 240 down and 80 up at the same time?

You should get 240 down and 80 up at the same time.

Perfect, thanks for confirming and advising it wont give any more bandwidth than it is currently.