B11 Ethernet port link not up on bench testing

I got my first B11 link to bench test this week.

Set the two radios side by side with the LEDs toward the table top.

Installed 1.4.4, set password and management IP addresses for each radio and configured the link

I had not set everything right for the link…so I needed to move my notebook PC back from the AP PoE to the client PoE (all connections on copper, no SFP in use) and forth to check some RF link settings.

I found that when powered up the link with my notebook plugged into the AP PoE I could access the management IP address of the AP near and the client far end…no problem. If I moved Ethernet cable to my notebook to the far end PoE I could not get the Ethernet link to come up at all. If I moved the cable back to the AP it would work fine to access both management IP addresses near and far.

I thought the PoE on the far end went bad or the Ethernet port on the B11 had an issue. Turns out…if you try what I am doing…you need to make sure your notebook is plugged into the client side first…and then you can move the cable to the AP PoE and back to the client PoE again…no problem when you have a working link.

Perhaps most people would never try this…but if you think like I do…I hope you read this post before you scratch your head on this.

When I was troubleshooting getting the link to come up I was just trying to get into the radio to confirm the link was setup correctly. Once it was up…this symptom seems to occur.

Anyway…if you have two computers perhaps different MAC addresses would not do this.