B11 ETSI/Germany

Is there a chance B11 can be used in Germany/Europe. Had a look of the official Frequency plan. 10,7-11,7GHz is usable for PTP. But channels are given in pairs with 530MHz gaps. Also frequency usage is limited by distance. So at short distances these lower frequencies are not allowed.

So I guess Mimosa has to talk to the officials to make this happen. Is there a plan to do this?

@Ryan can update you more, but we’ve been working on finishing the ETSI approvals. As you suggest channel sizes are different, but he’ll be able to get you details. Germany or other countries as well?

Thanks for the fast reply Jaime! We’re only installing in Germany.

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For ETSI it needs to be 7,14,28,56 Mhz channel with 530mhz duplex spacing.
Probably only FDD are allowed.
from 10.0 to 10.4 are blocked by military applications
from 10.4 to 10.7 broadcasting and ham radio applications

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Is it usable in Italy ?

In some “ETSI countries” even 56 MHz channels aren’t allowed:

It is licensed. Old relay links (20years ago) in some countries used to be on 10-11Ghz frequencies. Maybe there were different kind of regulatory domains (east and western europe), which are now pushed to EU regulations. Look at satelite uplinks.