B11 larger dishes?

What is the latest on having a 6 foot or larger dish available for the B11 ?

Radiowaves reported to me that they have a Mimosa retrofit kit for their dishes as well as new dishes coming that are compatible. They have a 6ft option.

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Have any model numbers ?

Tyler, have you heard anything since? I have seen on the WISPA list it also looks like CommScope is also making one?

Nothing yet, but we haven’t had the need yet, have a warehouse full of the Jirous dishes waiting to be deployed first :wink:

We have a coordination being held up right now, awaiting information on a larger 6 or 8 foot dish ?

Contacted Radio Waves, but have not heard anything back as of yet?

Does anyone know anything about this adapter, or what type of adapter or flange that the Mimosa B11 needs, that we can ask the Microwave dish manufacturer about?

The only time I have heard about this adapter was at WISPAmerica 2016.

I wish I had a bare B11, or at least a radio to show you. I am pretty sure it is still a wave guide, but not quite like something you would find on a PTP 800.

I actually managed to talk with RadioWaves about the 6’ dishes last month. Didn’t ask about adapter plates alone, as I need dishes as well.

RadioWaves said:

Please use model number HP6-11MMS

Estimated 6-8 weeks, this was a couple weeks ago.

They recommended using WAV for purchasing. I haven’t contacted WAV yet to find out pricing/availability:

"I forgot to tell you that Wav and MBSI merged last year however they still have their own locations, Wav is actually located in the USA at the address below:

WAV, Inc | 2380A Prospect Drive | Aurora, IL 60502 | P 800.678.2419 | F 630.818.4450 | info@wavonline.com

So, is the “mms” and adapter, or is it part of the dish. I wonder why they gave you the HP6-11 rather than the HPD6-11 (Dual polarity) dish ?

If the “mms” is an adapter plate, then hopefully I can also get their 8 foot dish and have it ?

Wonder if we can get it on the SHP dishes?

All good questions. I’m happy to give you my RadioWaves contact off board, if you’ll share the results.

Dual polarity is a function of the antenna/emitter, not the dish itself. The B11 uses a dual pol cavity, so I’m not sure it makes any difference to the adapter plate/dish. No?

I am using the 4’ and yes they will have the 6’ out soon