B11 link problem

HI every one i have a new 13km mimosa B11 ptp link and i can not get it to connect and when i use the scan for the ssid in the station b11 i don’t get any search result any one can help ?

the firmware version is the latest 1.5.5

That’s a pretty long link, did you verify that the B11s would link up before you installed them?

What antennas are you using? Depending on the antenna you may need to be within a few degrees of perfect alignment before you will pickup a significant amount of signal at that distance.

From there, I would recommend setting the SSID and password on each end.

and i have also connected it before installing

You have a clear Line of Sight? (LOS) between each of the radios? No obstructions like trees, buildings or towers?

Have you designed the link in Mimosa’s Design Tool? (cloud.mimosa.com) If so could you post some details and I could give you some guesstimates of what you are running into.

I would use Google Earth (Or Mimosa’s Design Tool) to get your heading at each side of the link. Also try to pick out notable landmarks you can use to orient yourself. (Such as 10 degrees to the left of a large building or 20 degrees to the right of a power plant.)

If you get super desperate, you could do a climb at night and shine a bright flashlight from each spot to help align.

Here are some internet resources that can be helpful as well.