B11 Link signal degrading

We have a link in south Texas was running great at -43 with out GPS working did an RMA put the new radio on worked great for 1 hour at -53 with GPS working now 2 hours later signal is down to -77 anyone else seeing radios signals degrade over short time frames but when you reboot the go back to normal.

I did on B5lite on newer firmwares than 1.3.1. Just downgrade, and you’ll be OK

Hi Chad,

Our support team looked at your link, and it we do see RSSI fluctuating over time (regardless of reboots). The RSSI has nothing to do with GPS, which now looks solid.

Is it possible that the antennas may be moving in the wind, and that this may be weather-related? Happy to help further privately through our support channels (chat or email).

We do not believe this is a firmware problem. We recommend keeping 1.4.4 and would discourage you from downgrading.

Weather is fine wind is calm

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