B11 Long Haul and Licensing

I have a couple questions about the B11 that my sales guy can’t seem to answer. First, I’m planning a link that’s a bit long. It’s 35 miles. Design Planner suggests the B11 with a Jirous-1200 41dBi dish. This is mountain top to mountain top, so I do have direct line of site.

First question, has anyone tried to bring up a link at this distance with the B11? I’m having no luck in searching this forum.

Second is licensing. This is what the sales guy can’t answer. Can I install this equipment, get it linked and operational BEFORE applying the license? Of course I will apply for the license before hand, but time is of the essence and I kinda need this up and operational sooner than later.


For an 11Ghz link of that length, 4 or even better 6’ dishes on each end will work. I can’t speak directly to using a Mimosa B11 at that distance though, as I’ve never deployed the B11 (only other vendors).

If you are in the US, you must coordinate and license the link before you transmit. You need to do this before you buy the equipment really, as well. There may be no available channels for your path or you may need to use different hardware to meet coordination requirements.

You can do expedited coordination (2 weeks I think) with your coordinator at an additional cost.

I have a couple of 30Mile B11 links. One link is a 2x80 and I’m getting 980Mb/s MAC up and down. The other link is a 1x80 and I’m getting ~390Mb/s up and down, I think thee is some impedance to the Fresnel zone. Both links us 4’ Jirous dishes. These links hold up surprisingly well in the rain, but I still have alternate path backup. We hopscotch the mountains as well.

Definitely get your licensing first so you know what size dish to buy. I use Liz at Intelpath, she’s great, answers all questions promptly and helps me to understand stuff I do not know about link and license wise.

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