B11 low SNR on Access point


We have diferent links running very good, but we have 2 links with poor results, one of them is this:

But on the reality is:

The acces point has bad SNR and signal.

Can halp me?


Could you post your “Channel & Power” page? Are there trees or other structures along the way of your path? It seems like you are in a very hilly area, are you shooting over water or big fields?

It’s possible that you are on a sidelobe. I am not sure if it’s a fresnel obstruction because all of your SNRs and signal levels are pretty close.


Not Tree, not structures and qhen is raining not afect so much de link…it’s really strange.

Could you show us the spectrum graph for both sides of the link as well? Also are you really using 0 dB antennas? I am always nervous on our B11s to make sure all the settings are correct because we are licensed and there were a few WISPs in Colorado that got nailed with some huge fines a few years back for using incorrect power settings on their antennas.


No, we use 34dB antenas, I think this is an error of the web interface.

We are configured the antenas like a link simulator on mimosa web.

Spectrum graph:

Who’s your antenna manufacturer? Are you using the latest firmware? I just setup a 2x80 link with 36 dB antennas and I did not see any graphical bugs for antenna gain. That said, dialing in one of these links at 10 km can be pretty hard. (Took me most of a year to find a bad link in our network that had never been dialed in correctly. Once we did though, boy oh boy did it move data…)

We had a link link this. You are on a side lobe on at least one dish. Go peak them up and you will see.

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We Are using Jirous Antenas. Latest Firmware. Abaut the antena gain theis week we will try to reconfigure or reboot and will see.

@Brock we will try to peak up one side and will see, we will post de result.

Thanks to all!

Parabolic antennas are hard, make sure to swing through your X and Y axis fully to locate the true alignment and not just a side lobe. It is really easy to start aligning on a lobe and never get a good signal, you will know you are on your main lobe when a small adjustment of the antenna causes significant changes to the signal strength (.5-2 dB)

Hi @Marc4,

The following video is all about B11. If you click this link, it’ll start you on the actual alignment part of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNmJZ5tOJ_w&t=94s


Thanks a lot! We re-align de link and we adjust on the main lobe and the result is very good!

We love Mimosa :slight_smile: