B11 Modulation problems in rain

Have I done for modulation problems falling from Mimosa B11 in the rain? any tips? link of 35 km antenna of 1.20. signal 58 to 60. maximum modulation, but in the rain drops everything. help ???

It really depends on how heavy the rain fade is in your area. Did you model this link in the Mimosa Design tool? The NDT has the normal rain fade zones built in already, so it adjusts your link budgets for that.

How big of an antenna are you using? 1.2 Meters?

58 to 60 sounds kinda low if you have that big of an antenna. Though maybe not.

I am in pretty dry climate, but we get good enough rains (some years) and very good snow (hopefully) and I have only seen a few dB of drop. Might be that the alignment is off and when the rain comes through it really goofs up your link…

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