B11 No GPS - No Link

Q: should a B11 link come up even if Station as a “No GPS” status ? (I suspect FM or LTE interference) this is a new link.

I would suspect it should, but I don’t know if the timing relies on both sides of the link following the GPS timing or if the AP sends control messages to the station.

If you can wait until Monday I can go through the documentation and see if anything says one way or another there.

Hi everyone! Any Mimosa radio with GPS should be able to link up regardless of Good or Bad GPS. It could be that the interference you’re talking about is affecting the radio link though.

I’ve had a customer in the past that deployed his B11 right under a FM transmitter. He moved it about 20 feet down the tower and everything started working fine.

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The GPS did come up eventually, so did the Link once align,
GPS is borderline, 5 to 8 satellites with SNR of only15 Db, dropping a few time a day.

Q: How will this affect the Link ?


I have a bunch of A5cs that loose GPS pretty frequently. If it’s less then 10 minutes, they stay pretty well in sync and don’t interfere with each other, but, if the outage lasts more then 30 min then things start getting bad for my customers.

Note: the issue is local interference, not Mimosa’s fault, I have tried several manufactures and everyone looses GPS at that location.

Thanks William5, Yep I had this happen to me too, GPS outage varies from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, we’ll put it in production next week, we’ll see.