B11 not communicating with Cloud

We used to have all but 1 of our radios that showed up in our cloud portal (I knew why the 1 wasn’t showing up, wasn’t that big of an issue). However, recently with no changes on our network we are only seeing 3 radios up now. I checked on the B11’s and attempted to ping cloud.mimosa.co but it looks like none of the radios can, even the ones that show up.

My question, has anyone seen this and what can I do to test to ensure connectivity between radio and cloud management is working?

When pinging cloud.mimosa.co, it gets returned as

Pinging prod-nms-proxy2-elb-212768433.us-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

There is no reply to the pings. Amazon AWS is not replying to pings, so a ping failure alone is not an indication.

I’ve seen the issue before after a firmware upgrade. It was on a different Mimosa device though. What I had to do was tell it to not use the cloud, save changes, then tell it to use the cloud and save changes again. A reboot didn’t solve the problem. I had to turn using the cloud off/on to solve the problem.

I thought firmware at first to, but quickly realized I was on the latest. I had not tried disabling the cloud saving and re-enabling. I did that just now, but still showing the links offline.

We had similar issues with a B11 Pair, Make sure you are using a public dns server on those radios either or, it solved the problem for us.

Yep we have and already configured.