B11 operation in the US Amateur Band 10.0 10.5GHz

I see that the B11 units have an operational frequency of 10.0 to 11.7 GHz. In the US the FCC has allocated Amateur Radio operators operation in the 10.0 to 10.5 GHz. I would appreciate an understand on how, with my FCC issued Amateur Radio license, I could utilize your B11 on this US FCC allocation. If needed I would not be opposed to possible R&D costs to achieve this goal. If I could be contacted I would appreciate a technical discussion.

Thank you for your time.


You should reach out to Mimosa directly regarding this.

While the radio is capable of the wider frequency range, it’s probably not certified to operate out of the normal 11 GHz band that they were designed for.

@DustinS would be my first point of contact, if he doesn’t jump in and respond here I’ll bug him.

Thank you Tommy3 for responding, following your point of contact suggestion have just sent Mr. Dustin an email and look forward to hearing from him.