B11 Packet loss

We have a 24km B11 link. They have 1200mm dishes on both sides.
I believe there is an issue with interference. On one dish you can see the noise floor is around -60dbm.
we see about 1% to 12% packet loss.We have already replaced the radio that had the -60dbm noise floor and it has the same problem.
Please take a look at the pictures below to see if there is something i can do to fix the issue. Maybe something else is the cause?
Thanks for any input

<img src="/uploads/mimosa/original

/1X/0d6bfa5ecefe2820d1d0f5c4d787fe270bf159bf.png" width=“690” height=“362”>

i missed the two important pictures! sorry about that.

Hi James,

What is the physical separation between these B11s and other radios on the tower? The first spectrum image clearly shows a real interference source, but that last image is the worst we’ve ever seen. Are the towers densely populated with other 11 GHz equipment?

Yes these towers are pretty congested with equipment. This picture is the remote side Sadly i do not have a picture of the other site. The mimosa has our logo on it “Sierra Nevada Communications”

Strawberry Peak. They really need to build a taller tower up there! That is the worst noise I have ever seen. Interested to see how things get resolved for you.

We will be replacing our antenna from a JRMB-1200 Jirous to a Radiowave MMS4-11. It will be a 2-4 weeks before the dish is ready to be replaced.

There should be clear separation between your channels and others. No wonder you have packet loss, surprised it works as good as it does. Some of it looks like bleed over from other equipment not filtering to its spectrum allocation. Some of it just looks like you are being walked all over. I would not get my hopes up to high with a new antenna. You may want to figure out who it is that is stepping on you and have a cordial conversation about coordination.