B11 Physical Spacing - Best Practice?

About to purchase and deploy some B11 units.

Question is simple: How close can I space these items on a tower?

I should note that the two antennas are pointing in two different directions almost 90 degrees apart.

Tight space on the tower, so I 'm hoping they can be mounted in pretty close proximity.

Above is a link to a picture of one of my setups, I don’t have a picture with both B11s mounted, but the second one is mounted next to the pole of A5cs and this is the noise I get on the link…



So most of the noise is going to come from elsewhere. One thing you can do though is used fixed Frames (Under Link) on both links and using the same window size to minimize the noise. Have your APs of the links be at the same location if you are doing this though.

But best practice would be to get as much space/metal between the two. It seems that the radios have pretty good isolation, but it’s always better to avoid the risk then rely on equipment to not fail…

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I am more so concerned with the same spectrum (and possible frequency) being used with two radios on the same vertical pole. Different directions, but same pole.

Seems you are comparing the 5GHz with the 11Ghz spectrum?



I have 2 B11s on that tower and they are within 10 ft of each other.

I merely am giving you a visual for where they are in relation to each other.

I posted the two spectrum graphs from the two B11s that are on the same tower showing how little they interfere with each other.

All that said. 11 GHz is generally a licensed frequency, you probably should make sure you can get the frequency before committing yourself to owning B11s.

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I have registered to user the frequencies.

Again, I just want to know how close I can mount the antennas.

My vertical pole is 8-10 feet and I need to maximize the space to allow for three (3) B11 units.

Does anyone have them mounted 1-2 feet apart? Is this ok?

What antennas are you using, most of the time the manufacture of the antenna will have specifications for how far apart you should have your antennas.

If nothing else you might talk to Mimosa support and see what they say. Those guys may have worked with B11s tightly spaced and could possibly comment.

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We have 2 B11s sharing the same frequencies due to lack of channels. We are using two Jirous 3’ dishes about 6 foot apart on a very short temporary tower. The dishes are about 110 degrees from each other. No problems so far after about 6-8 months. There are also 2 more B11s on their own frequencies on the same tower. One is about 6 feet from one of those 2 B11s. Another is about 15 feet from the other B11. Total of 4 B11s on a 35 foot temporary tower using 3 sets of frequencies. Not best practices but it has been working with no problems so we have not put up the big tower there yet. Too many other problems to deal with.

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Got any images to share? :slight_smile:




That is just a hint above impressive…

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So, how the heck are you powering these?

I only see a fiber connection? Left side port Fiber -and what looks like a ground? Right port is Ethernet? Yes?

So, no POE?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Eth is on the left and fiber is on the right. All being powered via PoE over Ethernet.


Oh Duh - we thought fiber was on left.


Which antenna is being used here?

Also, what are you recommending for an Antenna in the 11Ghz spectrum?

These are the Jirous 1200mm dishes. We recommend Jirous and Radiowaves for 11GHz and B11


Off topic… what are your thoughts on using two different antenna sizes for a link.

I ask because one side of my link has very limited mounting space. I am thinking about doing the Jirous 680mm on one end and 380mm on the other.

I’ve done this and it will work ok, as long as you’re aren’t going over a very long distance. I did an 8 mile shot with a 380 and 680 and I see around -57dBm.