B11 Presale Question

B11 for Backhauls are expensive for a small ISP!

So, I want to be sure that I get all my questions answered first:

  1. Are there different versions of the product (i.e. International / US )? I ask because I want to know if Mimosa hard locks their products. I am not in the US and I want to know how I would be restricted if at all.

  2. I have used Mikrotik products and I love the idea of being able to reduce my attack surface area by using proprietary Wireless protocols; this adds one additional layer to my onion of security. You would essentially have to have a Mikrotik device to even begin attacking my public broadcasting Access Point. Does Mimosa have anything like this OR is there a way to truly hide Broadcasting SSIDs?

  3. What the best recommended brand of antennas to pair with this radio?

  4. Is there terminal access (i.e. SSH) to the devices? And if so, is it limited? OR can I access everything from the web interface in the terminal?

  5. Are there any out of band management tools available? Again, making a comparison to a product I am familiar with; Mikrotik has the Winbox and MAC Telnet (management via MAC address).

Make sure to Budget in some bucks for a Netonix switch on both sides of the link and you will be a much happier camper. Ethernet port flapping is an issue with these units and having tried all the posted solutions the Netonix solution is the only one that really works consistently, and there are some real perks for using the Netonix switches, stinks to have to spend the extra money though. I have both B11 and B5C links and am very pleased with their performance once I put in the Netonix switches. The B11 is a very nice solution as you only have to have one as a spare for anywhere in case you lose one on a tower, this was a big reason we wanted to use this product initially. If you run SNMP make sure to get their 1.4.7 beta as this seems to have resolved the SNMP quitting working issue. There may be a bug in this beta(go figure, its a beta) where the Ethernet port quits working, shutting down the port and re-enabling it on the switch it is connected to makes it start working again. We have seen this twice in the last few months since installing 1.4.7 beta. We are using the Jirous dishes, no complaints. You can log into the radio with your cell phone to do alignment, nice feature. Happy Surfing!

@DavidD Can verify this.

To answer your questions:

  1. Not that I know of, as Dave1 said, you can have 1 B11 that can go anywhere in your network you just put the license in and set the settings.

  2. Mimosa has their own TDMA system so I would guess no other manufacture would easily work with it, but I would guess that like normal WiFi there is not way to “truly hide Broadcasting SSIDs” (Hidden networks are only hidden from someone who is not looking) Honestly just have a good password for your Encryption Key and you will be fine. (Very very very few people have any 11 GHz gear anyways)

  3. We are using the Jirous antennas as well, seem to work well.

  4. No SSH terminal =(. Everything is on the web. We did our alignments with our phones as well.

  5. Not that I am aware of. They have the Installer app, but I have not used it for a B11 install, not sure if you can.

@Dave1 is right, get a good power supply, Netonix has repeatedly been shown to rock with the B11s. We are using the Mimosa recommended TP-DCDC-4848GD-HP.

We have used DragonWave and LigoWave for 11 GHz and Mimosa is our favorite. No Feature Licenses, easy to contact customer support, easy and regular updates.