B11 questions on EIRP and antennas

  1. Since there is a +55 Dbm EIRP limitation on the B11 unit…Is there any thought on having the availability of a 6 foot dish for it?
  2. Since the EIRP is per “polarity”, is there any thoughts on having the B11 do both Vertical and Horizontal (MIMO) at the same time? Easy way to get more throughput, without having to take up additional frequency spectrum.
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Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your feedback on B11. We are working on making sure we have a 6+ foot dish option available soon. I’ll provide an update in the coming weeks.

US part 101 has an EIRP limitation of +55 dBW or +85 dBm. 6 foot or 8 foot dishes should not be an issue from a regulatory perspective.

You are right that we leverage both polarities to increase potential throughput so be sure to coordinate both V and H pol when coordinating a B11 link.


Hi Ryan,
I used the Mimosa Link calculator to plan our link. With the B11
calculator, it does not seem to take into account both polarities, even
though you can select both as an option.

I would hope that the total throughput available on the calculator would
change when it went to a MIMO mode rather than a single polarity. This
does not seem to be the case?

I was mistaken after looking under FCC Part 101, that I assumed the 55 Db
output level was in Dbm and not DbW. A 85 DbM EIRP is more feasible to
work with.


Thanks for the feedback Wayne.

B11 currently only supports dual polarity operation. The throughput numbers you see listed on the design tool already include using both V and H since that is the mode we support.