B11 Snmp disappearance

Hi everyone,

We have been using the B11 radios for backhauls for quite sometime with little to no issues. We have recently deployed a PRTG server to monitor our backhauls via SNMP I have noticed something odd with the B11 radios. They seem to not respond to SNMP for a few minutes at a time usually around two minutes but last night one of our radios wouldn’t respond for 41 minutes. The radio still passes traffic and the wireless link never drops but SNMP just doesn’t respond almost like the client side or the engine that the radio is running locks up.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Best Regards

No, I am using NetXMS to monitor my B11s and I have not seen this at all.

There used to be some issues with SNMP though, which firmware are you running?

Hi William,

We are currently running 1.5.5

How often are you sampling the radios?

Depends on the information I am collecting.

Firstly, I am not doing a whole SNMP Walk, just particular values (though I am gathering ~50 values)

About half I poll every 10 minutes, Ethernet Error Rates, Satellite SNR, etc. Stuff that I didn’t think would be changing frequently enough for me to care, but I still want to track. The other half is polled once every 60 seconds.

Hrm, most of the SNMP issues I have seen were fixed by 1.5.0…

I am pulling once every 30 seconds for specific values (TX/RX and wireless link information) and only around 6 per poll, it seemed like the radio was only disappearing during times of high traffic/use.

We rebooted the radio and it hasn’t disappeared yet but we haven’t hit another high traffic period yet so I will see if it will present the same symptoms as before.

The reboot seemed to solve the issue it has been 3 days and the symptoms have not reappeared. If this happens again I’ll respond to this thread.

Best Regards Jameson

I have seen this behavior with B24’s - I had a few up over 250 days. They started not responding to snnp -then they would - I even had a few hard crash and reboot - then they where fine.

Recently I had a system wide outage and rebooted every device just because - and I have not has an issue since - Still not sure of the max uptime before rebooting to prevent this!