B11 with version 1.5.5 dont register in the MMP 1.0.1-4

Good evening,

Last week we installed the MMP controller in its version 1.0.1-4 and we are in the testing phase adding equipment to it to see what its performance is and assess any of the license purchases.

The point is that we have a problem when it comes to including the B11. All the devices we have (b5, b5c, c5c, c5x, b11) are updated to their latest versions, or versions that include the self-hosted option to be able to include them. At the moment in which we select this option and we enable the IP after a few seconds the NMS state goes from disconnected to enabled and everything without problems except in the B11, which of the 5 pairs that we have we have not managed to get any of them to become enabled and register with the MMP.

The controller is accessible if problems and responds to ping like the rest of the equipment. Are you aware of this problem that the B11 with version 1.5.5 do not register in the MMP?


I have not heard of anyone else having issues with the B11 and the MMP.

Are you certain that there isn’t some sort of firewall or other network error that could be preventing the B11s from reaching the MMP on the required ports?

Hello William,

Yes, there is no type of firewall or anything similar that can block the ports used by MMP and the ping is correct. In addition, in the same IP range as the B11s in different subnets, there are also other B5 or C5 devices that have registered without problem just by setting the self-hosted IP.


I am not sure, you may need to reach out to Mimosa Support and see if they know anything…

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Same problem, Here.
Case # 00098435, and no answer.

Hi everyone. This is already being looked at by our engineering team. Hopefully, we’ll have a fix for you very soon.

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Hi all,

For those experiencing this issue, would you be ok with allowing us remote access to one of your affected units? If so please email me at dstock@airspan.com


We have been reviewing it for a few days with Ibrahim Yildiz and we have a couple of devices with which they are testing. It seems that at the moment they are on the right track because it seems that they have managed to register.

We are still awaiting confirmation of the resolution for the rest of our B11 devices.

Thanks for such a quick response from your support team and we hope to have a definitive solution as soon as possible.

Hi @DustinS

Hi Dustin,

Although before it seemed that it could be solved based on some of your checks, I will also comment here on the email that I have put to your colleague Ibrahim for which it seems not to be solved but they do register if I give them access to DNS

"When checking that no traffic had passed through our ports, I had to do more tests and it seems that the solution did not come from you, but when configuring your access for a moment I was also doing tests and enabled the output for a moment to the outside of the equipment towards the secondary DNS of google and it is there when strangely if it registers against our server that it has the private IP within the network.

I do not understand very well why this happens but it is verified, if I remove the output to connectivity is lost against the MMP and if I put it on another computer this computer registers.

Remember that we cannot have any of these computers going to the internet "

@Cesar_Javier , Can you test what I have said above to see if when you exit the internet, it registers you against your private IP and thus we make sure that it may be a cause of the problem?


Ok, iam make the test.

the Only way to get B11 connect to my local MMP server, if the B11 reach Internet. If i block B11 internet connection, dont work

Thanks @Cesar_Javier

Hi @DustinS , do you know some new about this issue?

Let me take a look and see what our team found.


Anyone knows something about this? I have all my devices working fine with MMP except de B11, and for us are the most critical devices in our network due the troughput.


Hi @Rafa1,

I believed that this was resolved. Please email me directly so we can take care of it. dstock@airspan.com