B24 Aiming and Feedback

In the next release of the firmware can you guys please add these features to aiming mode.

  1. Tone based signal reporting (i.e. the better the signal the higher the tone )
  2. Faster refresh speed on the signal level
  3. Show remote signal levels too

Having the Management radio is great, however your Android Install app has no mention of the B24s
We would like the above features on the Android app as well along with auto discovery.

We’ve discussed one and two internally. I’ve never thought about number three because I just log into both radios after I have a connection. It certainly would be easier with a remote signal level as well.

Currently the app only works for PTMP setups, but utlimately we want our app to be able to communicate with all of our products that have a 2.4GHz wifi built in.

Let me check with our product team and see if tone based signal reporting is sooner or later.

Typically we have “non-techy” people on the remote side making adjustments via radio so having both signal levels in once place would be very nice. They are used to the LED readout on the bottom of the AF24s but that’s a ball park.

Additionally showing a peak received signal would be nice too.

This is what the AF Alignment signal gui looks like.