B24 en torre.con solo 24v?

Hola a todos. Alguien usa b24 en instalacion solar con baterias 24v? Con 12v es posible.

Tenemos todo conectado a regulador dc/dc con salida 25V. Ubnt, Racom, Saf, Ceragon, Mikrotik, Ubnt, pero…mimosa pensó en esto?

Gracias de antemano.

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The specs only say 48V. It would be a little inefficient, but you could put a voltage converter, 12 to 48 V that would take care of your problems, the B24 doesn’t require a lot of power, just at 48V.


Alguno de estos seria ok?

Tycon is what we use when we need to do this, yes. Make sure you have a high enough input voltage.

Tenemos 25v en nuestra salida de baterias. A veces 24, segun como brille el sol
Me podria indicar el modelo exacto si es tan amable?

Sorry my Spanish is pretty poor, so I am only guessing at what you are saying. But I think you mean you have 24V from solar and you want me to recommend a specific model.

The B24 is af/at, so I would go with TP-DCDC-2448GD-HP (http://www.tycononline.com/18-36V-In-56V-35W-GigE-8023afat-PoE_p_127.html)

but, TP-DCDC-2448-HP (http://www.tycononline.com/18-36V-In-56V-30W-Pasv-PoE-DCDC_p_147.html) will also work and is what we have used (it will also save you $25, so that’s pretty nice)

Gracias. Thanks!!!

http://www.tycononline.com/18-36V-In-56V-30W-Pasv-PoE-DCDC_p_147.html is ok. Test ok.

You want a wisp switch here: https://www.netonix.com/wisp-switch.html

Desea un interruptor wisp aquí: https://www.netonix.com/wisp-switch.html